My Jenius Hackathon Story


It was exciting moment when i join Jenius x IT Hackathon 2017. There are abundant free food, cool air conditioning, massage chair, PS4, sleeping bag (wtf?)

With one mate sleep earlier until morning, damn-cold air conditioning, lack of rest, well it doesn’t matters. We still have fun there.

Thanks god, we have basic knowledge on react, prototyping with react is so fast and fun, with hot-reload, a lot of pre-made component, and chrome debugger save our ass once more!

i see what u did

To be honest, i didn’t start from scratch. Already prepare it 2-3 days before event to create the seed app project. I just don’t want waste my time to figure out why the stack doesn’t works, or technical things, just make sure the prototype feature is our main focus. I want feature over technology.

Reusability Over Everything

As mentioned before, i want focus on implement feature instead battle with the technology, so i choose several UI-kit component, lot of boilerplate code, serverless backend to help me achieve it. I want to honor whoever made this:

A. React Native Boilerplate

Thanks to whoever create this, seriously, i don’t need to invest time to wire everything into one, which can be painful somehow. Redux, devtool, react-navigation, and clean project structure .

B. Shoutem UI Kit

I am fan of good design. Found UI Kit like shoutem one, made my eyes tear with full of joy. No need to design the mock-up, just browse pre-made component and place it like kids lego!

C. GraphCool

Damn, GraphQL is new shiny that quite popular recently. With graph cool, it even more look badass than ever. I can quickly define schema, then all simple CRUD query and mutations already there for you. With apollo client on the frontend, no need manually write redux reducer & action (Yoooo!).

D. Others

And others component i am too lazy to write, but have great impact too.


Thanks to my partner sonny da real MVP, who implement the complicated react-navigation tabs and some of core feature. I fail to implement it at the beginning lol.

Well, we published our source code at github. If you interested with our spaghetti code, check this out.


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