Welcome to ASP.NET Core

Hola my friends, after a long while, i got a new job in Denpasar Bali as software engineer. Such a nice place, warmer temperature, near beaches, cool cultures and many more.

This week, in my workplace, i have learned a lot about ASP.NET. Since the old one will be gonna obsolete (lol, just assumption), so i will stick with ASP.NET Core.

The nice thing is, ASP.NET Core is a new open source and cross platform framework for building web apps, backend, and much more. It is a good idea to not stick with Windows platform only.

I am still trying figure out ASP.NET Core (you know, my last experiences is windows phone and xamarin). I hope by learn this one, it will become a good invesment in the future.

If you want to learn asp.net core too with me, just watch my repository on github.



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