What I Got This Past Year

Past year was an exiciting one. Hopefully this 2018 would be more fun!

I’ve experience a lot aha moment on recent big project. Rewriting a biggest fintech app in Indonesia isn’t an easy task, with around almost 50-60 peoples, collaboration is quite challenging.

For the tech stack itself, we’re using React Native, Redux, GraphQL, Uranium, etc. We do write unit test. Code review is a must. And sharing is caring, we usually do meetup to share what is the recent tech worth to try.

I want to share what i’ve learned and what i found interesting to be highlighted this past recent year.

Linting Your Code

Eslint help me a lot how to write better code. Make my code more readable to the others and so on.

Unit Test Pls!

It save my lazy time. Seriously. I am confident with my code, even with huge changes i just did before.

Automate Everything

If you start getting frustated of something, it is a bad sign on your workflow. If you feel, the task is difficult and complicated, you need to start thinking how to automate it. Consider CI/CD would be great. You could automate the deployment or way you produce the package.

CLI Rules!

Now, instead using GUI app, i am playing a lot on command line interface. Instead using SourceTree, i am a fan of git cli, yes you read it correctly, git cli. I am too lazy to open emulator from android studio, instead i write some shortcut to run emulator from command line. huh?

Ask, Ask, Ask

If you are on big project, please don’t be a passive doll. If you got blocked by something, always sounding to your peer.

Last Word

Don’t just be a code monkey. Be creative. Improve your workflow. Improve yourself. Make your life easier and don’t let your cat starving, because i love cat.


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